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This is just another personal project, hope you enjoy it 🙂


We’re here and gone in the blink of eye. Our voices might disappear into the vastness of the Universe but our actions and their consequences (even though it doesn’t always seem like it) can still be seen from far away in space and time.

This short clip tries to illustrate this idea. I try and create a kind of awareness about death by taking the viewer on a beautiful journey using NASA images as the context. It’s like a metaphor for life itself.

Death has always been a taboo in Western society, but I think becoming more aware of it, can somehow, help us to make better decisions and even gain a better understanding of ourselves. Knowing that one day, you’ll just cease to exist, might encourage you to make the most of your time here and now; or at least it could help you feel more alive! I don’t mean that we should fear death, just maybe treat it as any other natural event.

So in summary, this is what “Message in a frequency” is all about. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you like it! If you could watch it on a TV or projector, all the better.

Thank you for dedicating a moment of your time to watch this.